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Tree & Shrub Care

Here at Michigan Landscape Professionals, we have designed a 6-step tree care program designed specifically for Michigan’s 4-season climate. Our certified technicians and expert staff can help create a program tailored to your property and the needs of your trees and shrubs. Our team has a program that combines timely treatments with a regular inspection. This type of program puts us on your property when your trees need us the most and these well-timed applications prevent damage from extreme weather, fungus, insects, and nutrient deficiencies. Not every one of your trees will always need insect and disease control all year long, but when they do, we will be there to treat them at the right time of year.

A typical schedule could look like this*:

  • March-April. Weather permitting; we will be applying a dormant oil spray.
  • April-May. This is a deep root feeding to help recover from the winter stress.
  • June/July. This will be the first of the insect/fungicide treatments. This is also determined by the trees activity.
  • July/August. This will be the second of the insecticide/fungicide treatments.
  • August/September. This will be the third of the insect/fungicide treatments.
  • October/November. This is a deep root feeding for the fall. This treatment helps the trees better handle the winter stress.

*The schedule can always change depending on the weather. Insects and leaves emerge at different times based on weather and the changing of the seasons.

Other Treatments:
We also offer Needlecast treatments for Spruce Trees. Needlecast is a fungal disease that is affecting spruces very heavily here in Michigan. We recommend 3 treatments for at least 2 years to help fight the disease.

Diplodia is another fungal disease that attacks the pines in Michigan. Similar to Needlecast disease, we recommend 3 treatments for at least 2 years.

In the very late fall we also offer a Wilt Proof treatment for evergreens. Wilt Proof is an anti-desiccant that dries to a thin waxy layer to protect against winter weather damage.

Our company also offers tree injections. These injections are applied without any damage to your trees and are only done once a year. Some customers prefer these injections over spraying as there is no exposure to chemicals or residual from spraying.

Call today for further information on any of our programs or to set up a consultation with one of our expert tree technicians!

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