Tree and Shrub Care

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Tree and Shrub Care

Michigan Landscape Professionals is pleased to offer free, no obligation tree and shrub care quotes! We believe in our tree and shrub care program so much that we would love the chance to meet with you and tell you more.

Michigan Landscape Professionals has designed a 6-step tree care program designed specifically for Michigan’s 4-season climate. Our certified technicians and expert staff can help create a program tailored to your property and the needs of your trees and shrubs and that combines timely treatments with a regular inspection. This type of program puts us on your property when your trees need us the most and these well-timed applications prevent damage from extreme weather, fungus, insects, and nutrient deficiencies. Not every one of your trees will always need insect and disease control all year long, but when they do, we will be there to treat them at the right time of year.

Other Treatments:

  • Diplodia treatment
  • Needlecast treatment
  • Wilt Proof sprays
  • Tree injections

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