Frost protection for your plants

Frost protection for your plants

This time of year is always interesting when it comes to weather.

Late April to early May can bring us temperatures that feel like summer…or snow. The almost-80-degree weekend we just had brought many plants out of dormancy with new leaves and growth.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be below freezing the next two nights. So what can you do?

Frost Protection

Frost protection during spring in michigan.

To protect more delicate plants from frost that can damage their leaves and new buds, you can cover them with things you probably have around the house – sheets, upturned buckets, drop-cloths, burlap, or tarps to name a few.

Just make sure whatever you’re using isn’t heavy enough to break smaller plants and get them covered before nightfall.

What if I’m Too Late?

the dangers of early spring frost in Michigan

Generally, plants like perennials and particularly native plants will rebound from a frost.

They may have frostbitten leaf tips for a bit that will look a little shabby, but shouldn’t have any long-term damage. Flowering plants may have fewer blooms, however if their initial buds are too damaged.

Michigan Landscape Professionals is here to help!

If you are concerned with the health of your trees, shrubs, and other perennial plantings, we have a wonderful team of plant healthcare specialists that can give you a free assessment and design a treatment plan just for you.

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Happy Spring!