Trees: Often Appreciated, Seldom Understood

Trees: Often Appreciated, Seldom Understood

We all love our trees, but they can be challenging to keep up with; it seems like each year brings a new disease or insect wreaking havoc. So where should you start?

The first step is to correctly identify the trees in your home landscape, as each tree has its own unique requirements and challenges.

There are many tools out there to make this easier and we often recommend the MSU Extension website as a great resource of knowledge.

What’s Wrong With My Tree?

Maple Leaf with Tar Spot
Tree With Tar Spot

If you do have a concern with one of your trees (this is Tar Spot pictured above), there may be simple cultural practices that can help correct the issue or treatments available to prevent further damage or slow it down.

In either case, it is important to note that trees are slooooow. Unlike plants like grass or even most perennials, they grow and develop slowly and therefore recover slowly as well. Have patience with your trees as sometimes it can take even two or three seasons to see results.

I’ve Tried Everything, Now What?

Diseased Blue Spruce tree

Some trees are just too large to DIY, or maybe you’ve been treating what you think is the problem but aren’t getting the results you expect.

We have a wonderful team of plant healthcare specialists that can give you a free assessment and design a treatment plan just for you.

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