Mole Control

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Mole Control

Moles can cause extensive damage to a lawn if left unchecked. Their tell-tale runs create furrows in the turf and can then sink as they collapse, creating low areas and hazards. It is a common misconception that treating your lawn for grubs will also control moles. While moles do enjoy a tasty grub, their main diet consists of other insects as well such as earthworms and other invertebrates. The mole tunnel or ‘run’ functions as a worm/insect trap and moles will sense when a worm falls into the tunnel. We can take advantage of this by injecting a poison bait worm that mimics their natural diet directly into the mole run. The mole will sense the bait worm and run to collect it. When the mole bites into the worm, the poison is activated. While there is no way to prevent new moles from entering your property from an outside area, our mole control program can reduce their number and begin to eliminate moles on your property.

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