Striking Fountain Water Feature in Northville

After living for several years in this gorgeous home with a fantastic outdoor space, the homeowners decided that they wanted to totally redo and enhance their outdoor living area. The designer worked very closely with the homeowner to discuss their ideas and collaborate on the design. It was also critical to work around the installation of a new swim spa that the homeowners wanted to incorporate into the space. They wanted the landscape design as a whole to be very clean with a minimalist and modern feel.

The water feature in front of the home is a stunning custom design. The structure is a full thirty feet across and is made from custom-cut limestone. The water feature is a perfect circle with four quadrants and is loosely based on a Celtic pattern. The water feature is self-contained and was built to include its own filter and controls, which are accessible but concealed. The water feature was finished with aquatic plants and the homeowners also plan to add koi and a fountain in the center.

Services Provided:
Water Features
Landscape Designer