Rustic Fire Pit in Brighton

After enjoying their home for many years, these homeowners wanted a way to increase their outdoor living space and utilize more of their gorgeous wooded property. Their original thought was to simply clean up the outdoor space and the woodline, but after meeting with designer Craig Fisher, he put together a plan for them that was beyond what they even hoped for. There was an existing inlet in the woodline that was the perfect place for a secluded, rustic fire pit. They did consider a more formal style, but Craig was able to design a fire pit for them that complimented the existing space and looked like it belonged in the space. Along with the fire pit, lighting was also installed to keep the space safe and add a focus that was unobtrusive and tasteful. Though this home is in a suburban area, you would never know it by looking at this cozy “Up North” style feature. In addition to the fire pit, the area to each side was also renovated and new plants added that fit the space and further highlight the fire pit area. Now the family has a place to spend quality time outdoors and make the most of the best of our Michigan weather.

Services Provided:
Fireplaces and Fire Pits
Landscape Designer