Pollinator Landscape Renovation in Brighton

For this commercial project, there were offices with beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, but the view from those windows wasn’t as wonderful as it could be. The landscape had aged and become overgrown. For this landscape renovation, the building’s owner wanted something that would freshen up the space and that would also be easy to maintain.

The first step was to remove everything that was in the space to give the project a blank slate. The design then incorporated pollinator-friendly plants with year-round bloom times to ensure that no matter what time of year, this landscape renovation would provide the 6 offices with eye-catching color and wildlife. Bird feeders were also installed to attract birds for viewing enjoyment and compliment the pollinator plants.

To take it one step further, this landscape renovation also includes a natural stone walking path so visitors can also appreciate the plants up-close. The landscape renovation project was finished off with stone mulch that is both low-maintenance while contributing to the color and beauty of the space.

Services Provided:
Landscape Renovation
Landscape Designer