Paver Walkway in Howell

When the client initially contacted us, they had requested a landscape renovation for the front of their house. We designed for them a beautiful flagstone paver walkway, Rosetta stone steps, and plant installation. The client loved the Rosetta limestone steps because they matched the natural look of their home and also provide very uniform rise and finish to make the entry easily-accessible to friends and family. The steps also flow seamlessly into the limestone paver walkway which provides color and furthers the natural entryway to the home. Plant installation and stone mulch completed this project and gave our clients they polished natural look they dreamt of. In the end, this project included paver walkways, paver stone steps, a stone and boulder retaining wall, stone mulch, and plant installation; it is one of our favorites and our clients now have a beautiful landscape that looks like it is a natural part of their home!

What Our Client Said
Services Provided:
Paver Patios and Walks
Landscape Designer