Wrap-Around Paver Walk in Brighton

At this residence in Brighton, the homeowners had a problem with water that was flowing into the first floor of their home due to a grading problem. They wanted a solution that would not only solve the water issue, but that would also be beautiful and extend their outdoor living area. Our team was able to propose a new outdoor living space with a paver patio and paver walkway that was installed to pitch away from the home and drain any water into a sump pump and out of the low area, all without obstructing the design. The paver patio was designed to fit the existing footprint and from there, steps allow the homeowners and their guests to move upward easily along the paver walkway into the beautiful yard to take full advantage of the gorgeous lake view. As a finishing touch to the paver patio and walkway, plants were installed to soften the look of the stone and bring more greenery to the space. What was once a terrible problem is now a beautiful outdoor area for the whole family to enjoy!

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Services Provided:
Paver Patios and Walks
Landscape Designer