Paver Patio and Boulder Wall in Brighton

For this residence in Brighton, the homeowners were looking for a solution to a drainage problem while also extending their usable outdoor space. We at Michigan Landscape Professionals were able to meet their needs with a beautiful Unilock and Rosetta stone paver patio and boulder wall. Previously, they were experiencing water running into the home from the basement walkout door. A drain tile and large French drain were installed to move water away from the house and the boulder wall provided not only soil retention, but also further screened the sitting area from the street. Plants were added to bring in color, provide more screening, and soften the stone of the paver patio and boulder wall. Arborvitae were installed as screening plants as well as adding even more greenery to the space. This is truly a wonderful example of a place where functional problem-solving structure meets gorgeous design and innovation. Now the homeowners have no more water issues and a beautiful paver patio and boulder wall to enjoy for years to come.