Glowing Firepit in Brighton

This project was truly a complete blank slate at the start. Where before there was only grass, now there is a skillfully paver patio and firepit. The mix of reddish-brown and charcoal bricks creates a visually striking yet cozy atmosphere.

The firepit, built with larger bricks at the base and smaller ones for detailing, emanates warmth and hospitality. It’s a striking centerpiece perfect for gathering around, sharing stories, and enjoying the crackling flames.

Surrounded by paver patio, this space is both practical and visually appealing. The textured surface invites relaxation and offers an ideal spot for gatherings, making every moment spent here comfortable and enjoyable.

As day turns to night, the firepit becomes the heart of the scene, casting a soothing glow. Its flames offer both light and comfort, creating an ambiance perfect for quiet evenings and conversations—a testament to the harmonious combination of brickwork and the inviting appeal of the paver patio.

What Our Client Said
Landscape Designer