Beautiful & Functional Retaining Wall in Brighton

At this beautiful lakeside home, the owners were struggling to use their shoreline due to the steep incline to and from the water, which before had only a stairway straight down to the bottom with no landing at all. They knew they weren’t getting the most out of their property, but weren’t sure what was possible. The homeowners gave designer Craig Fisher a blank slate to work with and he presented them with a vision that has made them the envy of all their neighbors on the lake. Now instead of straight, steep, unusable stairs, they have a beautiful paver stone and brick switch-back stairway with landings that present a natural look that is as functional as it is gorgeous. Plants at each level of the paver steps and landings work to soften the hard lines of the stone and contribute to the natural look of the space. At the top of the stairs, the design was constructed to incorporate an existing concrete walkway for a seamless transition all the way down to the beach. In addition to the stone stairway and paver landings, the homeowners also now have a paver patio for entertaining right at the water’s edge, a place for children to play, and an area to launch paddleboards and kayaks right from their property.

What Our Client Said